Mercury Software is adaptable to any business in its functioning, graphics and accessibility: the graphical user interface and its functionalities are chosen by you.

You can create a community of companies you are familiar with, favouring attractive and striking solutions. It is possible to activate more cards with multiple solutions for your business, or get a single one connenting several companies with different solutions.

Mercury Software constantly produces big data, fundamental for your business to get a clear picture of company’s perfomace. Whenever and wherever you are, you can access your account and get to know what costumers are doing with cards in that very moment. Such kind of data gives you feedbacks on structural, managing and business issues, helping you to enact the changes and improvements your company needs.

Mercury Software’s warranty period covers the five-year subscription.

Hardware is insured against theft and accidental damage.

Member Global offers free training on software’s functionalities to any person or persons appointed.

Easy Hand is our solution to the changes which your company will face while adopting Mercury Software. For an additional charge of 30€ our developers will update the operativity of the software as you please.

Beside managing operational aspects, Member Global has a development department. Our developers can improve or create diffent types of management programs in order to reinforce Mercury Software, optimazing its functionalities and boosting your business.