The world of games is a great opportunity for your business in terms of attraction and costumer loyalty. We all know how this kind of activities brings relaxation and quality time. In this respect, new technology places on the market a wide range of solutions, each of them having its own pecularieties.

The Smart TV included in the offer shows the list of your top clients. The rank includes your clients’ nicknames, their score and the last time they used the Card. The more money your clients spend, the more they move up in the ranking, thus starting the challenge.


Member Global has designed for you extraordinary occasions through the daily winning: showing the Card at the cash register, your client will have the chance to win a prize of 24€. Another solution is the giftilicious winning1: the top three winners will be awarded amazing prizes. Type of prizes, as well as their value, will be decided by you, along with the maximum score and the total duration of the game.